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What is an inversion chair and what are the top brands ?

After a long day at work, we have all felt back pain and tight muscles. Sometimes simple stretch, brisk morning walk or afternoon at the gym just don’t do the trick. The stiffness sticks and we look for something to decompress the spine. This is exactly what inversion therapy was developed for.

Simply put, and we’re sure you’ve seen this before, inversion therapy is the spine treatment of being upside down or in an inverted position while hanging by the legs or feet. This might look funny or a little extreme to some, but the process is painless, simple, and has multiple benefits. The most common equipment used in inversion therapy are an inversion table and an inversion chair. The very simple and basic equipment allows the user to hang by the lower body and enjoy the gravity pull. The pull causes the joints of your back to stretch and expand, alleviating pain and leaving you more flexible.

What is an inversion chair?
An inversion chair is, essentially, just a chair. Except, unlike most chairs, this chair does wonders for the spine. The design is comfortable and secure, making the chair easy to use. All you have to do is sit comfortably and invert backward, to an angle that feels good for you.

Inversion chair features include:

● Steel frame that includes supportive and cushioned seat and back support

● Seat belt for safety

● Adjustable angle belt

● Secure leg lock with buttons for hold and release of ankles

● Adjustable foot rests and beams (making the chair suitable for user of any height)

● Padded handlebars

Benefits of inversion chairs
As you rotate backward, you will feel the slow stretching and your body begin to relax. This is because the inversion helps improve circulation around the spine and reduces muscle aches and lower back pain. The inversion table or chair is bound to make you happy. As you hang loose, your muscles will feel less tense within minutes and your internal organs will get the massage they need. It is a very non-aggressive way to relax.

Users claim that using the inversion chair is a more enjoyable experience than the table. The chair allows you to mount and dismount easily and keeps you stable. Because you are sitting while you suspend, you are hanging by your thighs and legs, making the experience easy on the ankles and feet. There is less stress on your hips and knees too. This is important for people with joint problems or older users. Sitting down and improving your body, sounds fun, right?
Top Inversion Chair Brands
If you’re looking to grab your own inversion chair for home or office use, here are a few top brands to have in mind.

1. Health Mark IV18600 Pro Inversion Chair – Manufactured by Health Mark Inc, a leading company for exercise equipment, this chair is by far one of the best choices for combating back pain. Its key elements are a comfortable bench and padded back support. You will feel secure since it comes with belts and nonslip foot bench. You don’t have to be a gym pro, since this chair is easy to assemble and use.

2. Health Mark Core Inversion Chain – This chair is one of the highest quality chairs on the market these days. Its design lets you perform any ab exercise and also puts you in a relaxing position. It is very multi-functional and helps you decompress the spine within minutes. The steel structure ensures you are feeling safe and padded chair lets you slip easily into your stretching routine. Comes with adjustable angle belts and safety lap belt.

3. Stamina Seated Inversion – Stamina has a long history of making chairs and has been the favorite in the market of over two decades. The chair offers the option of being converted into a flat table, giving you more stretch for back pain and improving circulation. Adjustable footrests ease you into the correct position and keep you stable. The handlebars are padded and easy to grasp, adding to the feeling of safety. There is not slipping with this one, since the steel frame has resistant rubber floor protectors.

4. Stamina InLine Inversion Chair – This little gem is more affordable in terms of price than the Stamina Seated Inversion Chair from the same producer. It has become a favorite with the users, thanks to is low seat that is closer to the ground, making it easy to hop on and off. Everything is adjustable for easier inversion and return. The foam-padded ankle support provide more comfort as you suspend.

5. Body Power IT9910 Deluxe Inversion Chair – Another trusted brand on the market is Body Power. Its IT9910 Deluxe Inversion Chair offers some of the smoothest inversion capabilities. It maintains high quality transition to desired position. It comes with double safety protection with strap and safety bar. Its capacity is 300lbs and is durable and sturdy. It’s great for users who live in a small apartment, since it is easy to fold.