Inversion table buying guide

Many people haven’t heard of the inversion table or inversion therapy and how it helps to relieve back pain and gives a general sense of wellness. If you have back pain, keep reading to find out how inversion therapy can help you.

Inversion Therapy that is a form of physical therapy, it’s used as a remedy for people who suffer from back problems. The treatment requires the patient to hang upside from an inversion table. The inversion table allows one to hang upside down by using the specials boots recognized as gravity boots. These boots enable the patient to stay in an upside down position.|
How does inversion tables assist back issues? Inverting on your own takes away gravity’s influence on the spine. Certainly, regularly, gravity pushes down on the spine putting weight on it, no matter if you’re sitting or standing. Hanging from inversion tables reverses gravity’s influence.
Inversion therapy is a method for treating back spasm/pain that has been in use for over 2,000 years. It enables you to achieve a mild form of spinal traction by raising the level of your hips above that of your shoulders. Still, Inversion table treatment is not an easy task. First of all, have to ensure that the bulk of your weight is supported by your lower extremities (legs) as opposed to your head and shoulders. The easiest way to do this is by using an inversion table. Here are fantastic points that you should consider when selecting a table.


The most important thing to consider when you are buying inversion tables is the convenience. Don’t choose an inversion table that requires you to contort your body into unnatural positions yet you are suffering from back pain. Also, try to get a table that has some padding and a head pillow. However, don’t buy one that requires you to change your clothes every time you want to stretch. Ideal inversion tables are smooth with minimal drag.

It is also crucial that you look for a table that one feels secure without necessarily grasping your ankles. Note that inversion tables that don’t rattle or squeak provide a much better user experience.

Quality and Durability

Most of the inversion tables made of steel their quality are not always the similar with others made of other metals. However, a table’s weight is often an indication of its strength. In addition to quality, you should find out the table’s height and weight limits; this will keep you from toppling to the floor during the therapy. A standard table is built to fit individuals with a height of up to 6’6″ and a weight of about 250-350lbs. If a product is real of high quality, it will come with a warranty from the manufacturer. Also, if the product has experimented independently, that’s a big plus.

Easy Control
As you may imagine, Inversion table therapy takes some time to get used to it. Therefore when you buy inversion table, find one with a broad range of inversions angles. Though the many benefits of inversion therapy are undergone at about 60 degrees, most people start out with an angle of about 20-30 degrees.

Easy to Use

If you are going to be using your inversion table on a regular basis, you’ll apparently need to choose a table that is comfortable to assemble. A table that doesn’t require too much time and effort to set up or store away will save much of your time and energy.